Law Enforcement Agency

  • Scala, Java, Akka, Spring, CSS, JavaScript, Backbone, MSSQL, Cassandra, LDAP, OpenVPN, DevOps, IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, Jetty

A law enforcement agency should prevent crime and maintain our safety as citizens. KodeWorks has been part of the development of two instrumental systems for a prominent Nordic law enforcement agency: System for Safety Alarm and Electronic Control; and System for Operative Law Enforcement.

KodeWorks was engaged by the law enforcement agency in 2008. At this time, the agency's IT department was in the middle of modernizing their existing Safety Alarm system. In parallel, the entire IT system and interaction processes of the organization were receiving an increase in quality. The Safety Alarm had already in 2005 been proposed with an extension, with a corresponding legislation, by the name of Electronic Control. A general lack of technical solutions in the market, of the sort that could easily be integrated into existing operative systems, made it necessary for KodeWorks to assist in the integration of Safety Alarm and Electronic Control with the operative systems of the agency. This also necessitated a consideration of the case management system, as well as systems belonging to third party suppliers of equipment, as part of the development process.

KodeWorks then developed the next generation of the Safety Alarm for the law enforcement agency. This was done by modifying the Android operative system, so that all peripherals were disabled, and all external communication was routed through an end-to-end encrypted communication protocol connecting to the agency's services. These modifications touched on firmware as well, so that even hardware buttons with existing functionality were reprogrammed. The adjustments enabled the agency to run a dedicated Safety Alarm-app on standard phones, while at the same time utilizing state-of-the-art positioning technology and programming environment. Today, all Safety Alarm units within the agency's jurisdiction are standard mobile phones running on software that is a continuation of the work that KodeWorks, together with the law enforcement agency, laid down during 2008-2016.

The Safety Alarm and Electronic Control project went on for several years. Some of the time was also put in similar projects, specifically within the agency’s operative portfolio. Operative Law Enforcement is the most central of the agency’s operative systems, and was developed already in 1994. Before KodeWorks entered the picture, the agency had begun the task of mapping parts of the Operative Law Enforcement to separate modules, and KodeWorks extended this work by describing how data flow and consistency between the modules were to be ensured. Deep integration with distributed databases for each of the agency’s organizational units enabled an event-driven architecture, where the modules were modeled as microservices. This was the beginning of the modernization of the law enforcement agency’s operative portfolio that is used today.