• Java, Spring, MongoDB, JavaScript, React

Inatur is Norway's largest online platform for selling hunting and fishing licenses, having offered their services for more than ten years. On their website, larger municipal bodies as well as hunting associations and ground owners can put hunting and fishing licenses out for sale. In this context, Inatur also offers the ability to put cabins out for rent, both for hunting and vacationing. Today, there are more than 1200 cabins registered for renting on Inatur's website.

Inatur has built a solid platform for delivering their services, and since 2019, KodeWorks has been a part of their modernizing process. Here, KodeWorks has further developed and modernized their already existing Java Spring backend. Using tools like React and Storybook, the frontend has been modularized, removing a lot of the strong couplings in the code base. This makes further development quicker, as well as easier to document and maintain.

Technical consultancy is often a major part of our input to the projects we run. As consultants and developers, the people at KodeWorks have a good understanding of how to meet the expectations and needs of the end user, while still keeping the technical integrity of the code base and technical solutions in general at a high standard. Communicating the link between customer needs and technical integrity is key in enabling our clients to set goals that are ambitious, achievable and that serve a purpose. This is an important contribution in creating an environment where the business part and the technical part of Inatur builds on and strengthens each other - a requirement for furthering the process and accelerating development.

Today, KodeWorks drives the process of further modernization within Inatur's technological portfolio. In this process, there is a balance in the usage of resources, between renewing existing solutions, and developing entirely new features. KodeWorks has been central in a comprehensive renewal across Inatur's tech stack, and laid a robust base for both the current operation and further development of Inatur's services. We wish to thank Inatur for a great collaboration, and look forward to continuing the process.